Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brandon and Jessica's Wedding

I recently went home to celebrate the wedding of my sister Jessica. It was fun to get to see everyone. I have four sisters and we all got to come home for the wedding.
They came with their cute families so let me introduce them for those of you who do not know and some of you who haven't seen them in a while.

Stephanie and Jason have two kids and live in....just kidding promised not to tell :)

Erin and Todd have three kids. One had just gotten up from a nap and was not into getting her picture taken, even after the promise of a new barbie. Can you guess which one this is?
We were all glad that Kerie got to come but sad that she had to leave half her family home. She came with one kid in tow and dad at home with the other. J
essica married Brandon K to add another in-law to the family.
My mom and dad right before the reception, looking very relaxed but nearing exhaustion.

Jessica wanted to be able to involve all of us in the wedding festivities so in the three days that we were at my parents home we did it all: shower, dinner with the new in-laws, hair, made food, decorate the gym and the wedding day rituals. WARNING: This blog is a little lengthy as I run through the days leading up to the wedding.
2 Days before the Wedding
Today we had much to do to prepare for the wedding. Jessica would like to have the reception in the back yard so we are preparing the house and yard for lots of guests.

Jill came to the house and we all got our hair done. She was at the house all day long.

Made dinner and ate with the new in-laws.

... and still had fun.

One Day Before the Wedding

Today we had the bridal Shower,

these are the moms with the bridethe quilt mom made for Jess

Bridal shower games! Make a wedding dress out of toilet paper!
Bridal Shower Treats...Yummy!
I went to Mindy's to make the piggy's in a blanket, But I did most of the work ;)

They liked doing it so much that they made more for themselves the next day...Crazy!
and we decorated the church because it was still cold and rainy and it didn't look like we would be able to have and outside reception.

the best wedding coordinator

The Wedding DAY

Jessica and her bridesmaids had a slumber party the night before the wedding at the house and all got ready together in the morning. That morning Jessica needed to be at the temple by 9:30, she was up at 5. A high school friend of Jessica's did her hair and

then it was off to the the rain.

When they came out of the temple it was still cold and raining but we were able to get a few pictures in before heading to the luncheon.

It was fun to see the nieces and nephews watch Jessica come out of the temple. They could not take their eyes off her, but that didn't mean that they wanted their picture taken with her.

The luncheon and reception were wonderful.
We got to see family and friends and have fun together.

Congratulations Bradon and Jessica, and thanks for a wonderful day.

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