Sunday, December 7, 2008

'Tis the Season, What about the Weather???

It is time for the Holidays, and I got my very best Christmas gift a little early. My Grandma Cook has moved in with one of my Uncles and gave me her piano. I am so happy to have it and can't wait to get it tuned so that it will sound as good as it looks.

I once again was given a live Christmas tree by loving neighbors, and enjoyed putting that up when I got home from Thanksgiving in my Music Room to welcome all the students back and get them in the mood to play at Festival of Trees. To bad I still don't have my own camera or I would post pictures from our performance. Everyone did a great job, I was so proud of my cute students. They are wonderful!!
Here is the real news of the season. Mindy and I are still walking outside. Temperatures are still high enough that we can enjoy our morning walks outside. This is our second year walking this route at 5:00 in the morning so I thought I would give you a little glance at what our mornings are like.
I wake up happy and ready to go....ok well i wake up and get ready to go. I hate to wear hats so thus the bear head. As you will soon see Mindy is not afraid of layers, I credit her Mission for this.
Here is Mindy on the same morning layered up and ready to go. As we walk the layers will come off, one by one because she always dresses for the worst and then gets hot, lol, it cracks me up. I am laughing even as I write about it.
After walking past Mindy's we round the corner and pass one of the many Churches in the area. Please notice the Manger and still no snow!!!
We continue to walk many many blocks and past many many houses and round our last corner at the Catholic church. Here is our last corner marker....

and as we finish walking on December 4th I still wonder how it is that there is no frost on the windows or snow on the ground, but truly enjoy the fact that I am still walking outside because I would much rather do that then walk inside any day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have been tagged....

I have been tagged, which in the blog world means I have to finish a bunch of statements and let you all know exactly who I am...and my deepest darkest secrets. So here goes and I hope you still like me at the end :)

I am a child of god, and and glad that I know this is true. I want everyone to know that this is true, it is a great comfort and guide to me and I am very thankful that I know this.

I have a dog named Chloe and she is a papillon. She loves to have lots of attention and love and to get her hair done. She also likes to go to Four Paws on Tuesdays and Thursdays to play with all her other doggie friends. I dislike it when she attacks the door with her "I am going to kill you" bark. We are working on this and hope that it will soon be resolved......HOPING HOPING HOPING!!!!

I miss Logan. I lived in Logan for four years and still love it. I love the mountains, the canyon, and the shops. I miss my really good roomates and friends that I had there. I love it when I hear from them or about what they are doing. You guys are all awesome!!!

I feel tired, satisfied, and happy most of the time. I can usually be found teaching violin. I love my job but sometimes I forget that their are other things in life that I can do. I posted some of the things that my students and I have been involved with.

Twin Falls Temple Youth Cultural Celebration. We practice for months and when the time came they could play and dance at the same time, which is way more then I could ever do.

Private lessons in my teaching studio, which is a huge room in my house that use to be a garage. It is perfect for what I need. I can use it for private lesson or it can also hold lots of kids in their at once for group lessons, which are held once a month.
Do fundraisers to help my students raise money for our fun fun trips. This year the high school is going to Disneyland and the middle schools are going to Lagoon.

Car Wash(above) and Cowboy Dinnner(below)

I smell very poorly (ok this statement sounds totally wrong....I personally smell really quite good, but my sense of smell is bad). I really do not have a very good sense of smell. I blame it on a series of very bad sinus infections, but that may be to much information.

I crave chocolate in all shapes and forms.

I wonder and I worry about my future. I hope that I will be able to continue to support myself, and have money for retirement and health care. I worry that I will be old and alone. I am scared that when I am old and need love, support, and extra care that no one will help me because they will have their own family members to worry about.

I wish that I could loose weight but still eat chocolate :)

I'm happy most of the time. I love my life, my friends, my family, my job. I believe that happiness is a choice. There will always be challenges but we always have a choice in what kind of an attitude we decide to face our challenges with. I regret that sometimes I forget that I know this great advice and choose just to cry about it.

Well there you go. Now you know way more about me then you ever wanted to. I have actually learned a few things about myself that I need to work on...mostly my addication to chocolate. Now it is my job to tag someone else so I am going to tag my Mom. Good luck mom, can't wait to read all about you.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Cowboy Dinner

Yeah it is over and it was a success so let's move through the evening backward (only because I loaded the pictures in the wrong order....whoops). Here I am at the end of the night. The dinner is over and I am happy because it went so well. No major disasters or problems, everyone enjoyed the food and the entertainment so that was a great relief, but mostly I am happy to take off my boots and put on a comfy pair of flip flops to start the clean up.

This year we used 42 bails of hay, lots of scarecrows, 9 cornstalks, 31 tables with cowboy boots and hats, and feed 250 people. We had enough food for people to get seconds and the kids did great serving the food. There was a choice of luau pork or bbq chicken and both I heard were very good.
As a pre-show I had my little private students serenade the tables with their favorite fiddle tunes. They were so brave and really the highlight of the night. Way to go guys!!!

Here are all the cute cowboys and girls out in the hall waiting to go in and perform for the hungry crowd.

Before the show we had a dress rehearsal so that everyone could get use to playing in the gym, great acoustics...ok not really. It is very difficult to play in there because of the echo but they adjusted quickly and did great job when the show went on.

I could not do any of this without my family and parent committee. They were a huge help getting the food organized and ready, so that I could work with the music and any sudden problems that should come up. For some reason this night everyone was missing their bows or their music yikes, don't worry we found everything in time for the performance. I love teaching!!! and the sudden surprises that always occur.

I even got help from Karson and Kambree. I think they just wanted to eat the brownies and the candy off the tables.
Here are our cute tables before everyone arrived. My parent committee put these together as well. Thank goodness for them, they helped relieve a lot of stress before and during the event.

Yeah the second annual cowboy dinner is over and what a huge success, lots of money raised for our orchestra program. Many people told me they would return again next year, hopefully they bring their friends. The kids were happy and I was very happy that all went well and that it was time to start planning for next year.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Gigantic Pain in the Neck!!

Ahhh! This has been a very very long, boring, and painful week. I woke up Thursday October 9th with a little stiff neck. I wasn't at all worried because this is something that I have experienced before and was fully prepared for it to be gone by the end of the day or at least by the next morning. Unfortunately this was not the case. As the day wore on it got worse and by Saturday morning I could not move my head in any direction. I was ready to give up the fight. I called around to get a massage or go to a chiropractor. Of course no one was available on a Saturday (especially this in this crazy weather) so I had to wait until Monday. Thank goodness my beautiful and very kind and nurturing sister Erin got snowed in at my house. Yes this is a recent and up to date photo(thanks Mindy), crazy huh.

At this point I need to jump stories...yes folks Burley got 16 inches of snow within a 24 hour period. The roads going into and out of Burley were closed, and my power went out 2x on Saturday. Erin came to visit and got to stay longer then she expected and a little longer then she wanted to. Anyway back to my pain in the neck. Above is were I slept and spent my week, and below is where I spent all my tears and money. Don't I look pretty...yikes can you see the pain!!!!

Ok, so now it is Sunday, a week and 4 days later and still I have a pain in my neck. Any remedies would be welcome. Hopefully I will have better news, and pictures to post next week.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Orange Potluck

It is October and time for the anual Orange potluck. This is a tradition that started quite a few years ago when I lived in Utah. My very creative roomates, Anne and Diana, thought it would be interesting to see what kind of food people would bring to a potluck in which everything had to be orange. It turned out to be lots of fun and we decided to have do it annually. So... this year Chloe and I greatly anticipated this day and the wonderful orange food that we would be able to eat.
When Sunday finally came I was lucky enough to have such a stiff neck that I couldn't even bend down to pick up the dog toys off the floor to prepare for all of our orange food making friends. Lacie took pity on me and my absolute pain and came over early to help get the house ready for our dinner guests. Then they began to arrive with all the yummy orange food.
I must say this year topped many of the orange potlucks that I have been able to be a part of. The food was delicious and very creative. For the first time no cheetos, and no one brought cooked carrots to my suprise. Of course we still had lots of cheese, sugar, and food coloring.

After we were quite stuffed, to stuffed to move, we decided to play some games while we let our food digest.

Mindy even came dressed for the occasion.

And that was the end of another succesful Orange Potluck. Next months potluck- foods we are most thankful for, so fellow potluckers start making your decisions now. This one may be difficult, then again maybe not of course there will be chocolate.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chloe and I had Sunday Dinner Guests Today I had Mindy and Adelle over for Sunday dinner. We had southwestern sandwiches, salad, fruit, and apple pie(this thanks to Marie Calander). After eating I introduced Adelle to the Wii. First we had to create Adelle's Mii, doesn't she look cute!! We all thought so until she started winning at all the games, ok not all the games but many games.

Mindy's not winning. In fact she was very proud of the fact that she really could not play or win any of the games.
We played Wii sports and then I put in the Bejiing Olympic game I got for my birthday. Finally I had a chance, to take it all and I was quite humble about it as you can see.
Quick note yes the washer works and it did not flood the basement so I think things may be looking up this year. I still need to get a new plug for the dryer.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Changes for Fall!!!

Yes it is real....ok and fake...a little of both and some wire too.

Well it is time again to figure out what wild and crazy thing I can do with my hair to try and promote the excellent orchestra program and upcoming concerts that we want everyone to attend. Last year was my first attempt at the wild hair thing and I think the braids did the trick. As you can imagine I had many questions as to what was coming up. This year I decided to go a little less drastic.... just a layer of fire red coloring to show my school spirit. I did get the hair done just in time for the big rivalry game, I fit right in at the football game. The orchestra sold concesions and made $450 for our program, way to go everyone!!!

In addition to the hair change, which is rapidly changing from fire red to hot pink, I also said goodbye to the laudramat this weekend. Yep I purchased a used washer and dryer set and hope that all goes well when I try to use them. The plug for the dryer does not fit into the plug that is provided in my house so I will have to go buy and new plug for the dryer, hopefull after that all will run smoothly.

to be continued........

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On Friday I had another great birthday. I spent the day teaching at school and then took a trip home to Idaho Falls. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the best birthday ever!!! On Saturday I went to a meeting with my parents for their time share. Checking things out to see if it was something that I would be interested in doing. The time share company was giving out trips in Hawaii and Mexico and I was a winner. I am going to Hawaii. I could not believe it but YES I was actually one of the trip winners. After the meeting I went with my parents and sisters out to dinner where they gave me some great gifts that I cannot wait to try out with everyone the next time we get together.
Sunday I had a great get together with friends and got to celebrate again, a 3 day birthday. I think it is the longest I have ever had. Thanks everyone for a great birthday.