Monday, September 22, 2008

Changes for Fall!!!

Yes it is real....ok and fake...a little of both and some wire too.

Well it is time again to figure out what wild and crazy thing I can do with my hair to try and promote the excellent orchestra program and upcoming concerts that we want everyone to attend. Last year was my first attempt at the wild hair thing and I think the braids did the trick. As you can imagine I had many questions as to what was coming up. This year I decided to go a little less drastic.... just a layer of fire red coloring to show my school spirit. I did get the hair done just in time for the big rivalry game, I fit right in at the football game. The orchestra sold concesions and made $450 for our program, way to go everyone!!!

In addition to the hair change, which is rapidly changing from fire red to hot pink, I also said goodbye to the laudramat this weekend. Yep I purchased a used washer and dryer set and hope that all goes well when I try to use them. The plug for the dryer does not fit into the plug that is provided in my house so I will have to go buy and new plug for the dryer, hopefull after that all will run smoothly.

to be continued........


Krystal said...

YaY for no more laundry mat what could be better...I love the hair.

angelicindy said...

Hooray! My laundry mat was my mom's house, which you think would be better because, helluuu, there's a TV, but I need a TV when every load takes an hour and a half. Yuck. Getting a washer and dryer was almost as good as getting the shower finished. Almost. :)