Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Gigantic Pain in the Neck!!

Ahhh! This has been a very very long, boring, and painful week. I woke up Thursday October 9th with a little stiff neck. I wasn't at all worried because this is something that I have experienced before and was fully prepared for it to be gone by the end of the day or at least by the next morning. Unfortunately this was not the case. As the day wore on it got worse and by Saturday morning I could not move my head in any direction. I was ready to give up the fight. I called around to get a massage or go to a chiropractor. Of course no one was available on a Saturday (especially this in this crazy weather) so I had to wait until Monday. Thank goodness my beautiful and very kind and nurturing sister Erin got snowed in at my house. Yes this is a recent and up to date photo(thanks Mindy), crazy huh.

At this point I need to jump stories...yes folks Burley got 16 inches of snow within a 24 hour period. The roads going into and out of Burley were closed, and my power went out 2x on Saturday. Erin came to visit and got to stay longer then she expected and a little longer then she wanted to. Anyway back to my pain in the neck. Above is were I slept and spent my week, and below is where I spent all my tears and money. Don't I look pretty...yikes can you see the pain!!!!

Ok, so now it is Sunday, a week and 4 days later and still I have a pain in my neck. Any remedies would be welcome. Hopefully I will have better news, and pictures to post next week.


Jolene said...

Hope you are feeling better - it's that darn violin playing all day long - I have that problem all the time. Last week (after trying a massage and chiropractor which didn't work) I tried a rice filled bag that was heated up and fit around my neck - it really helped to relax the muscles! GOOD LUCK!

Mindy H. said...

I'm glad your neck is feeling a little bit better this week. On the bright side of things, at least your neck ordeal gave you time to get to know the folks at NCIS. ;)

Jackie Johnston said...

It was disheartening that you had to experience that much pain for a week. I just hope the chiropractic care helped you tolerate it for a while. Or better yet, it helped solve the problem, so you didn’t have to bear it any longer. Take care!

Jackie Johnston @ New Life Chiropractic