Monday, November 3, 2008

The Cowboy Dinner

Yeah it is over and it was a success so let's move through the evening backward (only because I loaded the pictures in the wrong order....whoops). Here I am at the end of the night. The dinner is over and I am happy because it went so well. No major disasters or problems, everyone enjoyed the food and the entertainment so that was a great relief, but mostly I am happy to take off my boots and put on a comfy pair of flip flops to start the clean up.

This year we used 42 bails of hay, lots of scarecrows, 9 cornstalks, 31 tables with cowboy boots and hats, and feed 250 people. We had enough food for people to get seconds and the kids did great serving the food. There was a choice of luau pork or bbq chicken and both I heard were very good.
As a pre-show I had my little private students serenade the tables with their favorite fiddle tunes. They were so brave and really the highlight of the night. Way to go guys!!!

Here are all the cute cowboys and girls out in the hall waiting to go in and perform for the hungry crowd.

Before the show we had a dress rehearsal so that everyone could get use to playing in the gym, great acoustics...ok not really. It is very difficult to play in there because of the echo but they adjusted quickly and did great job when the show went on.

I could not do any of this without my family and parent committee. They were a huge help getting the food organized and ready, so that I could work with the music and any sudden problems that should come up. For some reason this night everyone was missing their bows or their music yikes, don't worry we found everything in time for the performance. I love teaching!!! and the sudden surprises that always occur.

I even got help from Karson and Kambree. I think they just wanted to eat the brownies and the candy off the tables.
Here are our cute tables before everyone arrived. My parent committee put these together as well. Thank goodness for them, they helped relieve a lot of stress before and during the event.

Yeah the second annual cowboy dinner is over and what a huge success, lots of money raised for our orchestra program. Many people told me they would return again next year, hopefully they bring their friends. The kids were happy and I was very happy that all went well and that it was time to start planning for next year.


Mindy H. said...

You should be proud!!! You worked so har and managed to pull off a very succesfull fundraising dinner where everyone went home full and happy...and free of any butter knife wounds inflicted by a slightly psycho dessert server. :)

Snorkelgirl said...

This sounds like fun... good work!