Sunday, February 22, 2009

Living and Loving

I love life!!! February has been a great month, what have we been doing...... We started February off heading to District Orchestra Clinic with the middle school kids. We got a real charter bus and that was incredibly exciting for the kids. Once on the bus we headed off to rehearse all day long and have a concert that night. I was so proud of all of them, they worked hard and did a great job.
Then we had an all night party at the High School to help us prepare for the upcoming musical. What did I learn at the all nighter???....That I am way to old to stay up all night long. What did the students do? Well...

They turned the music up in the auditorium and showed of the dances that they learned for the temple dedication.

We rehearsed from 3-4 am. Not the most productive rehearsal we have had but now they can say they have practiced that early in the morning.

We did yoga. At the end when you are suppose to relax and clear your mind they all fell asleep on the gym floor.

Then we had breakfast, which I burned because I was taking pictures of the yoga class, whoops.

I have also had many great visitors this month. Jennifer, James, and their daughter Mary got to come visit. It was fun to see old friends and they brought a great game called Killer Bunnies.

Yep, I am still skiing and absolutely love it. I am getting a little better and a little faster each week. My last trip on the ski bus was the most fun because dad got to come and join me.

We had lots of fun and were getting along fine until he decided we should attempt a little harder hill. A little harder, whatever. It was straight down. I was to afraid to even turn so I side stepped my way down the mountain, and informed him that I loved him much more before he took me on that adventure.

So now that February is coming to an end, I am sure thankful for family and friends, and the great opportunities that I have been able to have this month with everyone.


Mindy H. said...

I'm glad that you had a nice February. I hope your March is even better...maybe you will get to sleep more than two hours a night!

Hillbillieclan said...

You've been awarded the Lemonade Stand Award!!! Please check it out at my blog There you will be able to copy the photo to paste to your blog and find the rules to this award!!!

P.S. I want details on this trip.