Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ski Bus

I have decided to face a long time fear of mine racing, or tumbling, down the cold mountain on two skinny pieces of wood. I knew that the only way to do so was to jump in all at once. I signed up for ski bus, along with this great opportunity comes free ski lessons once a week. I also have a student whose father owns a sporting goods store so I swapped lessons for ski equipment, and now I am off and running or rather skiing.

One of the other huge benifits of ski bus is that I don't have to drive on the roads. Thanks to our bus driver Karen, who also teaches Math at the high school. She braves the snow covered curvy roads with fog, to get us safely to our destinations. I have let her know over and over how much I appreciate this bravery on her part.

Here are my friends from week one that made sure I new where to go and what to do. They could see the fear in my eyes. I was so scared!!!! So scared that these are the only pics that were taken on week one.

I only fell once my first day of skiing and that was getting on the Magic Carpet, a conveyer belt that takes beginners to the top of the bunny hill. Problem was that once I was down I could not get up and they had to stop the Magic carpet. All the students that were on kept looking down and yelling at me to see if I was ok. Then they lost patience and just got of the Magic carpet, walked up the hill and then skied down past me still on the ground trying to get up. Finally success and I was on my way again. I decided that I just wouldn't fall any more.

At the end of week one what had I learned???

  • I needed to have more water and tissues because I got really thirsty and my nose was constantly running.

  • I don't care if the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, I always looked for the safest, slowest route, regardless of if I had skis on my feet or not.

  • I absolutely love skiing and wish I had not waited so long. I wanted to head back up on Saturday morning.

And so ends week 1.

Week 2-I am so excited to go back up, and not so much scared this time....but I am still a little. I know that today I am going to conquer the ski lift, and ski down the much anticipated "Milk". I also know that my old singles branch is going to up here for an activity tonight and can't wait to see everyone.

When I first arrive I quickly change into my ski cloths and go to meet my ski instructor. We head straight to the Magic Carpet so we can head up the bunny hill. Rember the only fall I had last week was doing this very same thing. In my head I am thinking, "Don't fall, Don't Fall, DON'T FALL!!"

Steps to a succesful Magic carpet ride:

Step 1: Make sure skis are parallel and lined up, scoot onto the Magic Carpet. "Don't Fall, Don't Fall...."

Step 2: Stick ski poles behind me into the Magic carpet and then ancore myself so that I do not start sliding backwards. "Don't Fall..."

Step 3: Enjoy the ride. "Yeah, I did it!!!!"

Once I had one success I was well on my way to a terrific evening. Here is a video clip of me coming down the bunny hill. Enjoy, and notice the graceful way in which I turn, ha ha.

Come and join me, we can race down the mountain, I am not afraid to lose :)


Stephanie said...

You look like a pro skiing down the mountain. Much better then I looked when I tried to snowboard. Jason is taking Jake on Saturday to teach him how to board. I will keep you posted on how it goes!

thesouthwicks said...

You look fantastic! I LOVE your blog. Fun to catch up!