Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teachers on Vacation

In July I got to go camping up to Red fish Lake with some of my friends that teach school with me. I had been up there once before with my family and remembered having a good time, but this time I was really able to enjoy the scenery. It was beautiful.....and very hot!
Day one we drove up there and set up camp just past Red Fish but still by a lake. We walked around the lake and sat on the edge and put our feet in. It was fun to talk to all my school friends and hear about their summer activities. We also had a birthday party for Amy and played games like who knows Amy the best. I did not do so well at that game....well in fact I lost.

On day two we went on a 7 mile hike. It wasn't a difficult hike but it was a very hot day. As you can see from the picture below I had to move a few bolders and clear a path to our destination.

Along the way we were followed by a small fox, but we finally made it to the third Lake, which was our Destination.

It was a short trip but lots of fun, and one of the most beautiful places I have been so far in my life adventures. Hopefully I won't have to wait another 20 years before I go back.


Steve n' Michelle said...

Hey Liz, how are you doing? My sister is the blog hopping queen and probably found your blog through one of your sisters. It looks like you have been having a blast, and the Hawaii trip...well, I'm envious!!! Drop me a note on our blog.

angelicindy said...

My dad always said the top three things about being a teacher were June, July and August :). Just kidding, he loved his students too... they were definetly on his top five list!