Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Last Five Months

Well I have been busy and a slacker. Mostly a slacker, and I have gotten a little behind in my blogging. It is the new year and I have made a resolution to do better in the new year. So this blog is a summary of the last five months.

August: I Went on a road trip with Erin and her children and my Mom. We went to visit Stephanie and her family in an undisclosed place far far away(and yes we drove,a drove and drove). there was a whole lot of "are we there yet" and "I have to go potty" It was tons of fun!Once we got to this undisclosed location, we got to do a whole lot of playing. We played in the water, went to a childrens Discovery Museum, and made smores on the sidewalk.
One night my mom and I went and visited the sites and got to see an amazing botanical garden. We had so much fun that it was sad when it was time to leave.The drive home was a great adventure as well. We stopped at this cmart for a pit stop and ended up staying here for 40 minutes. At this stop we had to convince my niece that it was ok to go potty in the stinky bathroom, we loaded up the car and realized that we had temporary lost a child. We all got out of the car and started the search in which case we found him and he told us he had to go the bathroom.....and "it was going to take a long time." (ha ha ha) It was the longest pit stop in history.

September: My last name changed in September to Leuk, when Ratha and I suprised many people and got married. We got married in my parents back yard by Homely Haws (Mindy's father). Mindy and her mother made our beautiful wedding cake, which featured 150 cupcakes. They did a wonderful job we loved the cake. The weather was perfect for our outside wedding and we enjoyed spending the day with family and friends. It was a busy day and many of us were very tired at the end.

October: We did the cowboy dinner again this year at Minico High School and had a great turn out. My parents came up to help and brought Karson and Kambree. Ratha managed the kitchen and helped clean up after. He is very excited to do it again next year.

November: We got to spend Thanksgiving in Logan with the Leuk Family. It was lots of fun and the food was delicious. We played games that night and got up early the next morning to hit the good deals. December: We set up our Christmas decorations and got ready for lots of Christmas fun. We got to spend time with both our families but forgot the camera so unfortunately we do not have any pictures of our first christmas married :( . Just pictures of the decorating.

Although we look like we are miserable we actually had a lot of fun. I guess we just were not photogenic that day. To busy making the house look festive.
My orchestra kids also got to participate in the Rupert Caring and Sharing. We do this every year and our tradition is to go to Burgers Etc. after. We had about 80 kids this year and filled up the entire restraunt. I do not know if we will be able to continue this fun tradition. We are just getting to big...which is a good think.
January: Who know what this holds. We are hoping that Ratha finds his dream job this month. We have been searching since he moved here in September, I think at this point any job would be a dream job for us.

But we did ring in the new year by skiing up at Pomerelle. Since we are both beginners. We bought Magic Carpet passes and spent the day skiing on the bunny hill and getting warm in the lodge.
It was a great way to ring in the new year.


angelicindy said...

Yeah! Skiing looked fun and thanks for posting all the fun pictures!

Mindy H. said...

What an exciting life you lead! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Rachel said...

Finally! I'm glad you made it a goal to do better in the blogging department. :) Thanks for the update. Looks like you're busy as ever. Are you ever coming to Utah? I'd love to meet that hubby of yours one of these days...

Jannet said...

Wow- what a very busy 5 months! You have lots of exciting things going on. I find it interesting that you just rolled out "I changed my last name" right along there with a road trip and fund raiser dinner. You are a beautiful bride. Congratulations, sorry it is a little late!

Steve n' Michelle said...

Oh Liz, I am so excited for you! You deserved a prince charming and I am just so glad that you guys found each other. We love you and hope that you have gazillions of days of happiness. Good luck on the job searching...hope that it comes to an end soon.

The 3 of Us said...

WHAT? You are married? No way! Congrats! Next time you're in Logan give me a call! I'm so excited you're married!

kristi said...

We are glad you are back into the blogging world. It was fun reading your little review. We miss you!