Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Weekend in Idaho Falls

I went to Idaho Falls for Father's day weekend. It was packed with fun events. Saturday Jessica's friend Suzy had a baby shower for Jessica in my parents backyard. Erin and I were in charge of decorations. We decided to go for a safari theme, since the animal prints seem to be in this summer. We made a great diaper cake for Jessica.
The bottom layer is a bumbo chair, the middle layer is wipes and diapers, and the top layer was bottles filled with candy for the mother. We used the lanterns from Jessica's reception and hung them in the trees. It was great to finally use them outside.
Next we barbequed the Bahama Mama's that Ratha sent. Branden, Todd and my Dad all thought they were delicious. Branden even took a few for the road.
Then we got to celebrate Father's day early by taking my dad to the David Archeletta Concert. My quiet, laid back father actually really got into American Idol and voted many times from any phone he could get his hands on for David Archeletta. He would even remind us to vote for him. So when Jessica heard he was coming to BYU-I to do a concert she thought it would be a great daddy daughter date that we could take our dad on. He loved it, and we all had fun too. When David came out on stage my dad said "It is good to see the guy I voted for a thousand times."
Ratha also got his long awaited father's day gift....his push cart...ok he cheated and has been using it for a few weeks, but he still loves it.
Oh and Chloe learned a new trick this weekend. She figured out how to let herself out of my parents house by using her paw to slide open the screen door.
I truely think she is a highly gifted and talented canine.

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Mindy H. said...

I love the diaper cake. So cute! And Chloe really is a one smart puppy. I think it is great that she can open doors like the raptors on Jurassic Park... As long as she doesn't pick up their eating habits.

P.S. Nice blog remodel. The background and pictures on the side look great!