Sunday, June 13, 2010 New Years Resolution Lasted ONE Blog Post!

Well I had great intentions, but my new years resolution lasted only one blog. I am now making a new summer resolution to try to update better during these summer months. So what have Ratha and I been doing the last 6 Months????
Ratha quickly went from skiing in the living room to speeding down the mountains at an alarming rate. We got to ski with Vatana, Danielle, Avery, and Brooke. We had a lot of fun night skiing together...and watching Twilight. Febuary

After 5 long hard months of job searching, Ratha got a job working as the Store director for a Maverik. We were both so happy to find this wonderful job that gave him weekends and holidays off(mostly). As Store director, he is in charge of the store. He has done a wonderful job cleaning up the store and training the employees. We were diappointed to discover that there are no instore discounts, not even on gas, but we have also learned that Maverik really does treat their employees quite well.

February is a huge month in the wonderful world of strings. My private lesson students start preparing in September for the February strings Festival. It is quite nerve racking for those of us waiting in the hall. It is just as hard for the parents as it is for the students that are inside playing for the judge. Orchestra students also prepare hard to play for the state Solo and Ensemble competition. We loaded like sardines onto the school bus and headed to the college down the road. We spent the day performing for judges, listening to performances, and playing around.
Yeah for Spring break. I got to travel with Stephanie and McKayla to TN to see the Ivie clan. We got to have a picinic in the park.
We visited St. Judes(and got to hear a visiting high school orchestra from TX), and see where Emma gets to visit with her doctors. McKayla,Emma, and Abby enjoyed playing and dancing together.
One of my favorite moments of the trip was when Stephanie met their new dog Bella. They did not like each other much from the start. This was pretty much the scene of the apartment every evening at about 7 pm. Bella would all of a sudden get possessed by an alter ego and decide she needed to attack Stephanie.
I also loved it when Emma and Mckayla decided I was in need of a makeover and proceeded to make me absolutely beautiful. They did my nails and my hair, it was lots of fun. It was a wonderful way to spend Spring break.

Ratha and I said goodbye to my beautiful Honda Accord with 250,000 miles on it, and bought a new (used) Altima.
We also got to go golfing. He was a little rusty but I did great :). Not really he is a wonderful golfer with a handicap of only 6. I think he should go pro so we can travel all over the world and golf.
The high school orchestra students organized the second anual all night party where we were able to rehearse at all hours of the evening. We had an all orchstra rehearsal at 3:00 am. This was a first for me, I quickly learned that I do not think clearly at 3:00 am and therefor rehearsal consisted of a whole lot of laughing and nonsense and a little bit of productivity. We also played games and watched movies.
Ratha had to work Easter Weekend. I travelled to Idaho Falls to spend time with my family. We got to watch conference together, while Chloe peeked in from upstairs. We also got to have an easter egg hunt in the snow. It was a great weekend and fun to see my family.
I got to help out with Jr. Miss this year as a host mom. One of my cute students was in the pagent and did a wonderful job. We both had fun and learned a lot about the pagent world. She won one of the academic awards.

The orchestra had and end of the year party. We ate good food, played some fun games, and had lots of fun. My wonderful students introduced me to the game Fugative. They seem to think it is fun to run around in the dark in sub zero weather and crawl around in the mud with the soul purpose of being the first back to the nice warm house without being caught by the people who are lucky enough to ride around on four wheelers looking for us. All I can say is they are CRAZY!!!! Why not just stay in the nice warm house. When I hang out with my students I quickly learn that I am getting way to old :)

For Memorial day we got to travel to Logan and had a "Gourmet" Leuk BBQ at Mitch and Davy's house. I helped make all the sishkibobs by following Davy's strick food patterns. It was absolutely delicious.
Then on monday we spent time at the Goodsell reunion. This is a reunion with my grandma and her siblings. She is the oldest at a young 99, and she only has two remaining siblings. All my dads brothers were also able to attend. It was nice to be able to visit with everyone. Next we visited the Weston Cemetary. We saw Grandpa McFaddens grave
and Grandma McFadden walked us around and told us some great family stories about the people that were buried there. She has done this for as long as I can remember, but I always enjoy it. Ratha and I are very grateful for the past 5 months. We have been very blessed to be able to find a job, spend time with family, and learn new life skills. But most of all I am sooooo happy to have survied the school year, Hello Summer!


KaraLyn said...

Thank you for sharing! It is so fun to keep up with you. I am going to add you to my blog list - even if you DO only update every five months or so. ;)

Rachel said...

Well well well... Nice to finally hear from you again! :) Sounds like you've been busy as ever. Thanks for the fun post!

Jessica and Branden said...

YEah!! finally--I have been on the edge of my seat for the past 5 months wondering what has been happening in my favorite sister's life?? now if only you can keep this up!! lesson number two in how to be an amazing blogger--mention your wonderful sister Jessica in a blog and say how much you love her!