Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have been tagged....

I have been tagged, which in the blog world means I have to finish a bunch of statements and let you all know exactly who I am...and my deepest darkest secrets. So here goes and I hope you still like me at the end :)

I am a child of god, and and glad that I know this is true. I want everyone to know that this is true, it is a great comfort and guide to me and I am very thankful that I know this.

I have a dog named Chloe and she is a papillon. She loves to have lots of attention and love and to get her hair done. She also likes to go to Four Paws on Tuesdays and Thursdays to play with all her other doggie friends. I dislike it when she attacks the door with her "I am going to kill you" bark. We are working on this and hope that it will soon be resolved......HOPING HOPING HOPING!!!!

I miss Logan. I lived in Logan for four years and still love it. I love the mountains, the canyon, and the shops. I miss my really good roomates and friends that I had there. I love it when I hear from them or about what they are doing. You guys are all awesome!!!

I feel tired, satisfied, and happy most of the time. I can usually be found teaching violin. I love my job but sometimes I forget that their are other things in life that I can do. I posted some of the things that my students and I have been involved with.

Twin Falls Temple Youth Cultural Celebration. We practice for months and when the time came they could play and dance at the same time, which is way more then I could ever do.

Private lessons in my teaching studio, which is a huge room in my house that use to be a garage. It is perfect for what I need. I can use it for private lesson or it can also hold lots of kids in their at once for group lessons, which are held once a month.
Do fundraisers to help my students raise money for our fun fun trips. This year the high school is going to Disneyland and the middle schools are going to Lagoon.

Car Wash(above) and Cowboy Dinnner(below)

I smell very poorly (ok this statement sounds totally wrong....I personally smell really quite good, but my sense of smell is bad). I really do not have a very good sense of smell. I blame it on a series of very bad sinus infections, but that may be to much information.

I crave chocolate in all shapes and forms.

I wonder and I worry about my future. I hope that I will be able to continue to support myself, and have money for retirement and health care. I worry that I will be old and alone. I am scared that when I am old and need love, support, and extra care that no one will help me because they will have their own family members to worry about.

I wish that I could loose weight but still eat chocolate :)

I'm happy most of the time. I love my life, my friends, my family, my job. I believe that happiness is a choice. There will always be challenges but we always have a choice in what kind of an attitude we decide to face our challenges with. I regret that sometimes I forget that I know this great advice and choose just to cry about it.

Well there you go. Now you know way more about me then you ever wanted to. I have actually learned a few things about myself that I need to work on...mostly my addication to chocolate. Now it is my job to tag someone else so I am going to tag my Mom. Good luck mom, can't wait to read all about you.


Snorkelgirl said...

I love your posting!!! Especially the part about you miss your awesome roommates from Logan... ;o)
Chocolate is really great, it is like medicine. Well, we need to figure out a way to do some weight loss thingy... Biggest Loser or something...

Jolene said...

You didn't put down that you are the cutest and most talented and most wonderful person ever!

Mindy H. said...

Thanks for doing the post, but I agree with Jolene that you should have sung your own praises a little bit more. You rock, my friend. ROCK!

Diana said...

Hey, Elizabeth, that was beautiful. I have not seen a tag in that format before, and I really enjoyed reading the things in your heart. I sure value your friendship. Have a great week!