Sunday, December 7, 2008

'Tis the Season, What about the Weather???

It is time for the Holidays, and I got my very best Christmas gift a little early. My Grandma Cook has moved in with one of my Uncles and gave me her piano. I am so happy to have it and can't wait to get it tuned so that it will sound as good as it looks.

I once again was given a live Christmas tree by loving neighbors, and enjoyed putting that up when I got home from Thanksgiving in my Music Room to welcome all the students back and get them in the mood to play at Festival of Trees. To bad I still don't have my own camera or I would post pictures from our performance. Everyone did a great job, I was so proud of my cute students. They are wonderful!!
Here is the real news of the season. Mindy and I are still walking outside. Temperatures are still high enough that we can enjoy our morning walks outside. This is our second year walking this route at 5:00 in the morning so I thought I would give you a little glance at what our mornings are like.
I wake up happy and ready to go....ok well i wake up and get ready to go. I hate to wear hats so thus the bear head. As you will soon see Mindy is not afraid of layers, I credit her Mission for this.
Here is Mindy on the same morning layered up and ready to go. As we walk the layers will come off, one by one because she always dresses for the worst and then gets hot, lol, it cracks me up. I am laughing even as I write about it.
After walking past Mindy's we round the corner and pass one of the many Churches in the area. Please notice the Manger and still no snow!!!
We continue to walk many many blocks and past many many houses and round our last corner at the Catholic church. Here is our last corner marker....

and as we finish walking on December 4th I still wonder how it is that there is no frost on the windows or snow on the ground, but truly enjoy the fact that I am still walking outside because I would much rather do that then walk inside any day.


Snorkelgirl said...

Hey there... I'm happy you updated your blog. I sooooo wish I could be with you guys walking even if it is 5 a.m. (you guys are crazy but I respect you for it). Have you guys ever thought of coming to Tallahassee to join my walking club? I think you should, 'cause it's not as cold as 5 a.m. (so no need for lots of layers or hats). My walking club exists, I'm the only member, and I often miss the meetings.

angelicindy said...

I know! It's weird that we don't have any snow, but Monday we have a thirty percent chance... so keep your fingers crossed! :)

Mindy H. said...

I'm so glad that you find my attempts to not freeze to death so entertaining. I'll bet you won't be mocking my layers in the morning....SNOW BABY!

Oh wait, I guess that means we will be walking INSIDE now, huh. Hummm....I'll proabaly still layer, so feel free to mock to your heart's content.