Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Wonderfully Relaxing Christmas Break

I woke up on my first day of Christmas Break really excited to go skiing, but I didn't have a camera to capture the wonderful event for posterity. I decided I would run to Walmart to get a camera, and hurry back to teach a lesson. An hour and 15 minutes later I had barely shovelled out 1/8 of my driveway and sidewalk. I still could not get out of my garage to get to Walmart. I had to give up shoveling to teach a private lesson, and my hope of getting a camera that day. No pictures of me tumbling down the hill this time.

As the lesson was ending I heard a great noise outside and low and behold the best home teacher ever had come to rescue me!! It took him minutes to clean out my driveway, I was so amazed and very grateful. I need to get me one of these for sure.

The ski trip was canceled due to all the snow closed roads, no camera no problem.
I was able to get out of my driveway and make it home for Christmas, which I spent at my sisters home. Santa knew exactly what I needed and I received this beautiful camera, and a pink tool kit.

After opening presents we proceeded with the next Christmas tradition: Dad makes omelets for everyone, yum! This is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

Chloe even had a little Christmas fun, and my niece and nephew were so kind to feed her everything they did not want to eat off of their plates.

During my break I also got to visit friends, help hang shelves,

and make pecan fudge with my grandma on her birthday. This is the best fudge ever. I am posting the recipe so that you can all give it a try.

1 tall can of evap mild
41/2 cups sugar
1/3 margarine
cook 6 minutes full boil, take off heat, add 3 pkgs chocolate chips and two pints marshmallow whip, 2 cups chopped nuts. Stir until smooth and turn into a pan until cold, then cut.
Yum Yum.

Overall a great break visiting friends and family. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season too. Happy New Year.


Hillbillieclan said...

You looking forward to facing the kids tommorrow? I am but at the same time, it would be nice to have another month of break. Hope your school year is going as well as mine.

Mindy H. said...

I'm glad that you had a great break and I am really glad that you have such a great home teacher. Where do I sign up for a home teacher with a backhoe? Oh. Wait. I guess I have one of those...I just need to have a drive way to shovel out. I'll have to work on that. In the meantime, I will just enjoy your drive way. Have a great(hopefully snow-less) Monday!

angelicindy said...

What a great vacation! And a new camera too! My camera is handy but it doesn't have a lithium battery so I have to replace the batteries all... the... time. You're such a lucky duck :)

Marlor Memories said...

Hey Elizabeth,
What a fun blog. It looks like you are still in that super cute house! That ski stuff is sure adventurous. So I started a few blogs myself - one for our family, one for our new home-building project, and one for my violin studio. I couldn't just start from 2009 so I went way back in time and I'm trying to catch up to the present day. It's fun to post really old pictures. You are in at least one of them...